About the Mint Directors Conference

Established in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1962, the Mint Directors Conference (MDC) was founded by the Directors of 10 western European mints. The MDC was previously referred to as the European Mint Directors’ Conference and also known as the International Mint Directors Conference.

Today, the MDC membership has grown to include 42 member mints and over 50 associate members. The MDC remains the principal body of government mints worldwide, promoting the regular exchange of information on all coinage matters and hosting a biennial conference to share information of common interest and to discuss the challenges the mint industry faces.

Locations for previous events include:

2018 – Seoul, South Korea 2008 – Seoul, South Korea
2016 – Bangkok, Thailand 2006 – Paris, France
2014 – Mexico City, Mexico 2004 – San Francisco, USA
2012 – Vienna, Austria 2002 – Osaka, Japan
2010 – Canberra, Australia


Our Events

MDC Online – 24-25 May 2022

  • The future of cash and coins
  • Industry responses to the challenges
  • Where next for numismatics
  • Business transformation and sustainability

MDC 2023 – Canada – Ottawa

15-18 October 2023


MDC 2024 – South Africa – Cape Town

  • Global Challenges
  • New Horizons
  • Future Opportunities